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If you’re a new or seasoned Muslim homeschooler mother looking to avoid homeschool burnout, simplify your Muslim homeschool, and are feeling overwhelmed by all the resources and recommendations, you’re in the right place in sha Allah.

I believe homeschooling starts from YOUR home, not someone else’s. And that we don’t need all the extras to make our children’s education enriching.

But many of us experience the effects of taking on too much; because we feel this pressure to keep up with everyone which often compromises what we ourselves wanted from homeschooling – and for sure as Muslim homeschoolers the tarbiyyah of our children is priority.

Yet practically we don’t know how to make things simpler because there’s plenty of advice on what homeschooling is (and we feel pressured to listen to it all), yet not much on the ‘How’.

I’m here to help you with that
in sha Allah.


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I’m Umm Saleh.

A Muslim homeschool mother of four, avid writer and coffee enthusiast. I’ve been homeschooling for close to ten years, but my homeschool back then and now are starkly different.

Because I realised that homeschooling starts from OUR home. And that our top priority is the tarbiyyah of our children; rather than following all the recommendations and following homeschool approaches to the tee.

And so what started out as a blog to share snips of our homeschool journey has evolved into so much more allahuma barik because I’m here to share my practical advice about how to make your muslim homeschool truly yours with YOU.

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