Asalamu’alaykum sis, welcome. I’m Umm Saleh.
And I help Muslim mothers practically manage their homeschools.

Be it…

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As Muslim mothers, we also need encouragement, but it isn’t always easy to find this, especially when our homeschool support system is small or non-existent.
After almost ten years of homeschooling, I’m here to support you

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Nope, you don’t need to do what someone else is, follow an approach, or have tonnes of curricula to homeschool well.
Instead, curating a Muslim homeschool that prioritises our deen, whilst still learning academics is our focus in sha Allah.
Let me help you prioritise what matters.

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Does homeschooling mean we should give up homemaking – NO!
But does it mean we might need to change our approach and adopt efficient methods of cooking and cleaning to keep the house in order yet free up time to teach – YES!
From batch cooking, to decluttering, I’ve got you covered sis!

I’m here to help in sha Allah!

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