Car Wash Fun

Asalamu Alaykum ladies,

My three-year-old son isn’t so much interested in doing “school work” like other families I know have experienced. Usually, the younger child wants to copy his siblings and have his own books etc, but my little one likes two things, and two things only: cars and books. Anything remotely related to ABC he runs off! So I like to think of fun activities I know he will really enjoy, and that we can do together.

What you will need:
2 plastic bowls
Shaving foam/fairy liquid (fairy liquid is less messy but less fun I think!)
2 towels/tissue (1 for the floor, it will get messy)
As many toy cars as you can get your hands on!

In one bowl I squirted some shaving cream (if using fairy liquid add a few drops to some water to create bubbles), and filled the second bowl with water. I also gave him a towel to “polish” the cars and make them squeaky clean, though I almost knew that wouldn’t happen. He also made a little ramp with an old cardboard box we had lying around.

And that was that! S lined up his cars, the ones he could find anyway and get stuck in! He had so much fun dunking the cars in the shaving foam, spilling water and splashing around!


The aftermath was a huge mess, wet floor and not so clean cars (most still had shaving foam on them!) but it was worth the enjoyment he had.


Share any preschool activities you enjoy below!

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