Lesson plan – Learning about the Kaabah

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu ladies,
I wanted to teach the kiddos some more about Dhul Hijjah, it seems the last ten nights of Ramadan are often emphasised and rightly so, but the blessed days of Dhul hijjah are often missed. So I planned a few creative activities that would lead nicely up to Eid.
What you will need:
Paint and paintbrushes
Water (to wash paintbrushes)
Cotton buds
Plastic sheet to cover the table (less cleanup, but we don’t always bother)
Printed instructions from http://.blogspot.com/2008/01/drawing-kaaba.html.
Yellow foam to add a 3d element
Fun facts about the Kaabah or a related story about how the Kaabah was built (optional)

The kids really enjoyed drawing in 3D, and while they did I read them some interesting facts about the Kaabah, many of which I didn’t know myself: such as the Kaabah kiswah was once red, which they found fascinating! While the elders followed the tutorial, S freestyled and did his own abstract version.
After drawing, they painted their drawing, using a cotton bud to show people doing tawaf and a yellow piece of foam to add some more detail to the Kaabah.

The pictures turned out beautifully mashaAllah, and kids were eager to tell daddy how much more they now knew about the Kaabah!
What activities did you do with your kiddos during Dhul Hijjah? I would love to hear some more suggestions.

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