Its been a long day…

Asalamu Alaikum mamas

I hope you are all in the best of health and emaan, Ameen. As I’m sat here typing this post, its almost 9pm and the kids are still awake, my kitchen sink is full of dishes, we haven’t cleared up after dinner and the day is almost over without me having had a moment to myself. I could watch a YouTube clip, get inspired by a ‘power hour’ clean and sort things out but quite frankly im tired.  And to be honest ladies, that’s OKAY. 

As a busy mum, wife and homeschooler, the list of ever-increasing demands can get overwhelming. The kitchen that was spotless last night looks the total opposite today, the bathroom you cleaned a couple of hours ago now has toothpaste splatter all over the sink, and the dinner table you lovingly set out has bits of food all over. 

But it’s moments like this we need to learn to step back, take a deep breath and really evaluate the day according to what we achieve rather than the standards of an IKEA showroom. Let me elaborate a little

I asked myself why is it that today I didn’t get a chance to clean, cook and have the kids in bed by 8pm. Well, I made two meals today, one of which I cooked later than planned because the gas had finished, not to mention I resisted getting a takeout! One of my kiddos took extra time on Quran, so the lesson lasted longer. My son wanted more time in the bath to play so I let him. And I made sure all the kids caught up with their Maths work that they got behind on the other day. Now when I see my day like this, my kitchen sink no longer bothers me, dishes can wait but spending precious moments with your kids cant. The hoover can be missed one day, but that extra time you spent on helping your child struggling with Qu’ran is priceless. That spotless home is no match for spending time actively nurturing your children.

As they say, “Mother is a verb, it’s something you do. Not just who you are”.

So ladies, on this homeschool journey we are on accept that some days you have to let go to make space for the more important things. That’s not to say you need to lower your standards, but don’t burn yourself out on the quest for perfection. Take each day as it comes, and most importantly thank Allah Azzawajal for the numerous blessings He has bestowed upon you and your family and find solace within that, Alhamdulillah.


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