Lesson plan – Sensory jellyfish activity

Asalamualaykum ladies,
I saw this cute little activity on the WhatsUpMoms and after a busy day of quite a lot of formal homeschooling, I decided that the kids needed to do something fun! My kiddos are avid nature and animal lovers, especially my youngest who is obsessed with sea life. So, I thought, why don’t we make our own jellyfish.

What you will need:
Large plastic bottle
Small Plastic bag
Dental floss
Food colouring
Sand/glitter (optional)
Glue to seal the lids

To make this super fun activity, simply get a plastic bag, and fill a small amount with water for the head of the jellyfish, then tie this up with dental floss. Cut off all the excess plastic bag, cutting out strips for tentacles. Then simply fill the plastic bottle with water and a few drops of food colouring (we went a little overboard), and add your jellyfish, sand and glitter. Pop on the lid and glue the sides to seal the edges and let it dry for a few minutes.
Voila!! Kids can have loads of fun turning the bottles upside down and making their ‘jellyfish’ swim. We added a little bit of sand too which gave a nice touch.
The best thing is if you go into a dark room and flash a light behind the bottle, the jellyfish light up!

A simple activity but lots of fun Alhamdulillah and definitely one that sparked all of the kids’ interest! We showed family our little project, they were so impressed they thought the jellyfish were real, haha!

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