Slime time!

Asalamualaykum mamas,

I hope you’re having a lovely relaxed weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only mum who has been pestered by her kids to make the dreaded slime that keeps popping up on YouTube! My kids love the slime but more so they enjoy the process of making it. This is our third time making slime, our first attempt was rather unsuccessful, our second was great, and yesterday’s attempt turned out great too.

There are tonnes of slime recipes out there but I tend to prefer the more natural recipes. 

What you need:
Baby oil
Food colouring
Shower gel

So the kiddos got started, mixing away, adding more flour if the mix got too wet or shampoo if it got too dry. We didn’t measure anything, it was just a case of trial and error!

After a good hour, or so of mixing, spilling, pouring and stretching our slime was finally ready. We tried to make butter slime this time, so the slime was soft and spreadable. Worked out quite well we think!

And before I go let me show you a picture of the aftermath, so if you do attempt to make slime with your kiddos, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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