Craft idea – Cardboard Car Park

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu mamas
Today I wanted to share an activity me and S did together, made from everyone’s best friend, cardboard!
One of the hardest things I’ve found whilst homeschooling is how to keep the little ones busy when doing more focused subjects, especially Quraan memorisation with the elder kiddos. With other subjects, I tend to read with the youngest, do some quiet role play with their toys or make something with playdough together. But with Quraan, it’s a must the elders are able to focus and I’m able to give them full attention while they revise with me. 
So today me and S made this super fun cardboard car park, perfect for him to play with me or by himself.
What you will need:
A large cardboard box and a smaller box (for the petrol station)
Coloured papers and markers
Toilet roll (optional to make a tunnel)
Small tin/box
Plastic straw

All I did to make our carpark was cut to slots on either side of the box facing opposite ways. I cut the white ramp slightly bigger for larger cars. Then to give our carpark some colour, we glued on some construction paper and drew on some boxes and numbers on top to mark where the cars were parked.

I also glued the toilet roll on the other ramp to create a tunnel for smaller cars.

Lastly, we made a petrol station with a small olive oil can and a straw and attached this to the side of the carpark so S could fill the cars up before they went racing!

MashaAllah, S was super happy with the car park, perfect for keeping him busy while we do our daily Quraan Alhamdulillah. This could easily be turned into a slide or even water slide where toys could slide down into a tub of water!
Comment below on how you keep your little ones busy!

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