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Asalamualaykum mamas,

How are you all? As a homeschooling mum, one of the things I constantly battle with is how to achieve the perfect school/home balance. There are days school time overflows and then dinner time is frantic, and there are times I prioritise cleaning or cooking but then maybe I had to shorten reading with my kids. My first couple of months of homeschooling were a rollercoaster because of this reason! I wanted to have my cake and eat it. I wanted to be totally immersed with my kids on this learning journey. I loved having fun with them, making messy artwork, reading for hours but yet still tried to have a spotless home and gourmet home cooked healthy meals ready on time. Did it work? NO!!!!

I’ve learnt that this Pinterest life is fantasy and to truly appreciate and enjoy homeschooling other aspects of you’re life has to change too. But that’s not to say that we can’t strike a realistic balance, things we can do or change that facilitate our homeschool and our family life without being burdening.

So today I wanted to share with you a couple of things I prepared today to make our school week less stressful in the form of meal planning. I like to keep meals as healthy as possible and if I plan ahead we usually stay on track.

So I started the morning preparing bone broth since it takes the longest to cook. I make a big pot so I can freeze it in batches. It’s great for the kids, especially with Winter approaching. I found the recipe at Dr Lauras Kitchen. 

I then made a couple of loaves of banana bread to freeze, a quick hearty breakfast made from oat flour which is perfect for when school mornings are running late.

Another breakfast/snack item I prepared was a bunch of smoothie packs. Preparing them in advance takes the fuss out of chopping etc during the week so perfect for busy school days.

Also, some sugar-free orange popsicles which the kids love to have when they play outside.

And lastly, I made some a healthier version of Mac and cheese for that we can have tonight and tomorrow for dinner with some oven baked chicken and salad. The base is made from cauliflower and carrots and far less cheese so definitely a better alternative but still has that lovely creamy taste that we all love.

And that’s it for today ladies. A couple of extra hours on the weekend has inshaAllah made our school week a little bit easier!

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