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Asalamualaykum mamas,
I made our juz Amma tree a while back for one of my kiddos. Alhamdulillah it’s been a while, and since then one of my kids had finished Juz Amma, Allahuma barik, and the others have also begun their memorisation.
So today I updated our board by adding a Juz tabarak tree to keep their motivation going. The Juz Amma tree worked so well Alhamdulillah I couldn’t stop there.
What you will need:
A blank canvas board/thick card
Felt tips/paint
Black marker

I simply drew the tree and apples/oranges for each surah and coloured it in. So simple but eye-catching!

As you can see once one of the kids has finished memorised a surah they get a sticker to put on the particular apple or orange. My first child to finished had gold stars, and she was overjoyed when all her apples had a sparkly star in the corner. Now the others are following, with their own red and blue stars and were equally as excited! How do you keep your children motivated with their memorisation? Would love to hear more ideas.

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