Homeschool Haul 2017-2018

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

Today is an extra special day! Yes, its the day all we homeschool mamas look forward to, our homeschool haul. I was super excited to share this with you all as we aim to officially start our school year this coming Sunday so it arrived just in time Alhamdulillah.

You will notice that the haul is largely academic, but I do plan on doing a separate post for our Islamic Studies plan for the year, however, we will still use the same framework from Iman’s homeschool I mentioned in another post. The kids have all continued with their Quran memorisation and revision, and Islamic studies are ongoing too.
I must say though, I’ve never viewed academic and Islamic studies as totally separate, so although you may find Geography and History curriculum below I will be supplementing these, and intertwining Islamic studies throughout inshaAllah. Learning about Ancient Egyptians can be an opportunity to elaborate on the story of Musa alayhisalam, strengthen tawheed, and an opportunity to go through different surahs where Allah Azzawajal mentions Pharoah etc, and this is how I tackle most subjects in our homeschool.

For Geography, we will be doing Expedition Earth curriculum developed by Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I absolutely loved the idea of this curriculum, which covers 31 countries across the globe. It was inexpensive too, though I must say there was a tonne of printing to do but it’s a fun curriculum that seems to bring Geography to life. I disliked Geography at school because it was presented in such a boring fashion, so I’m actually looking forward to expanding my own knowledge too.


Kids have their own activity books, plus a passport which they add stickers too and date every time they ‘visit’ a country. Theirs plenty of cooking and craft ideas too and Erica gives lists of supplies too which is helpful. There is an animal board which goes in depth about the different animals found in covered countries but I will be leaving that until next year. There is also a Christmas around the World section, but we shall be doing Ramadan/Eid around the world instead inshaAllah.

For English, we have decided to try out  All About Reading and All About Spelling.


I’ve read a lot of good reviews about both, and what appealed to me was the multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling which is useful for children with dyslexia. I’ll keep you updated on how we find it inshaAllah.

For handwriting and grammar, we will be trying out Complete Writer and First Language Lessons. These are two areas I feel we need to work on this year, and I liked the simplicity of both programmes.


Lastly, for Maths we shall be continuing with Life of Fred which my daughter absolutely loves!! She has actually been asking me to start Maths early, that is how much she enjoyed the first few books. For the elder kids, we will be trying Math U See, which I have been wanting to try for some while. What initially drew me to Math U See was the use of the manipulatives, so the child has a physical way to connect with what they are learning, and since all my kids are visual learners, I thought it would be worth trying.

For Science this year, we won’t be following a set curriculum as such but following a suggested plan to study Science as recommended in The Well Trained Mind, which takes a classical approach to education. So we will be using encyclopedias as spines for our study, and then doing lots of science projects from Mystery Science.  My kids love science experiments and being hands-on, so lots of experiments and mysteries should be lots of fun!

As an extra activity, I want all the kids to keep research journals this year which they will work on at least twice a week. The way this works is the kids can write about anything they like in any format. So if one child wants to write about whales, I can help her research about whales, she can read a book and copy some facts about them, or she can story about whales. The point is to build the kids self-learning, which is interest led. Kids have already designed their front covers and were pretty excited about this new addition to our homeschool.


That’s all, for now,  would love to hear what you have chosen for your homeschool this year!

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