Indoor Camping

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu

It’s the start of the weekend, and after a long week of planning for school, I thought we needed to do something to break it up. So what did we thinking of? Well, camping indoors of course.

We started off building our ‘tent’, using our sofa covers thrown off some chairs, our dryer rack and the table. The kids then set up the inside, putting duvets and pillows on the floor to make it cosy, stocking up on books (which to be honest I knew they wouldn’t read, they were much too excited to sit still), and toys.

And then the best part………toasting marshmallows. I pre-soaked the skewers (to stop them from burning), then threaded on some campfire marshmallows and toasted them under the grill until they were brown. You could make some fruit kebabs for a healthier version if you wish!

So the day ended with me and the kids tucking into our toasted marshmallows them in the tent, all while telling stories and playing games. Now we’re off to buy some snacks for a midnight feast, I told the kids they could camp in the living room and stay up all night if they wanted (I can already see some yawns so I know that won’t really pan out!!). But a night of snacks, staying up late, and some quality time all at home, a perfect end to our week.

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