Building Dens

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies

As our first official week of homeschool draws to an end we finished our last day of school in a more relaxed fashion. I try not to teach anything too heavy. Instead, we try and do more reading and allow the kids to choose how they would like to spend the afternoon, usually, they choose baking or some type of craft activity. I find that this helps us to transition into the weekend gently and sets the tone for a nice relaxing weekend.

When the kids woke up this morning they went into the garden straight away, my daughter calls this her morning run session! We usually start school at around 8.30 but the kids seemed so to be having so much fun I let them play longer.

After we finished up with school, the kids were eager to get back outside. They told me I wasn’t allowed to see, and when daddy returned home we were given an invitation.


So went down into the garden, and the kids had made their very own den!!

From their bikes to their scooters, to prayer matt’s and an old rug, they had used whatever they could get their hands on.

They’d stocked up on essentials, including a basket of fruit, a bottle of water, and a box of tissues. A basket of books, paper and colouring pencils was also at hand.

And my favourite part of all…..

The door number, made from a couple of miswaks taped on the wall!

MashaAllah, it took them so much effort to build their den. And the result was absolutely worth it! I love seeing the kids use their creativity and rather than just ask for a tent, they made their own one. I feel as parents, and maybe homeschooling parents, in particular, it becomes all too easy to become rigid with scheduling, and not allowing enough room for kids to be just left to play. It’s easy not to prioritise playtime but I can firmly say that so much of my kid’s learning has occurred through play. From building things with playdough and Lego, using cardboard to make the most adventurous doll houses or using wooden sticks to make pieces of art. And not to mention all the conversation that takes place while we play, it’s a wonderful way to bond with our children Allahuma barik.


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