Lesson plan – Colouring Cupcakes

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,
the kids and I were excited to be finishing our current read aloud this week, “The Wind in the Willows” which had taken us several weeks. To mark the occasion, we decided to do some baking, and it occurred to me this might be a good way to remind my younger kids of primary and secondary colours.

What you will need:
Cupcakes – make them fresh or you can use store-bought.
Icing sugar
Food colouring – red, yellow and blue
Toothpicks (optional for decorating)
Small plates/cups
Plastic sheet (optional for less cleanup later)

Since decided to make fresh cupcakes, we needed to take our baking lesson! So in no time at all, the kids whipped up the most delicious looking wholewheat chocolate cupcakes…

After the cupcakes cooled, we decided to get onto the fun part..icing! I quickly made some basic white icing by mixing up the icing sugar and water until thick, and then wrote some colour mixing sums on the whiteboard.

Then I explained to the kids what a primary colour was, giving them the opportunity to tell me what colours they thought were primary colours. I then divided our icing several plates and the kids took turns to make their own primary coloured icing which they were ecstatic about (do not attempt this activity on a white tablecloth, don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

Now we had our primary colours, the kids took turns to guess what secondary colours we could make, needless to say, my 3-year-old had some wonderful imaginative answers. So, we put our icing to the test and checked to see if we were right!

Kids had great fun mixing up the colours, and I did too. The colours came out great alhamdulillah, and which child isn’t going to find edible orange, green and purple icing exciting?!

And of course the best part of all, decorating and eating our creations – you may notice two cupcakes in the middle with holes in the centre…my daughter tried to attempt her own lava cake!

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