Oobleck Slime

Asalamualaykum ladies,

Arts and crafts for my kids are a great way to transition into the weekend. We take our time, have snacks and just enjoy each other’s company after a long busy week of school.

So, today I thought that I would surprise my kids with making some oobleck slime. Yes, in mama’s dictionary it means a whole heap of mess, but I knew it would be worth it! 

What you will need:
Food colouring
Spoons and plates
Plastic table covering (optional)
Thankfully, You DONT need tonnes of Elmer’s glue or contact lens solution!

Before we got started we did some quick board work..this is when my trusted kitchen whiteboard comes in handy!

Even my 3-year-old was keen to point out things that were solids and liquids MashaAllah, the thought of making slime always makes them eager! But the non-Newtonian element didn’t sink in, so we moved onto the practical side of things.

And within a few minutes, we had made a huge mess and several batches of oobleck slime.

For once, it wasn’t the mess that my kids enjoyed making. They literally couldn’t believe their eyes when they tapped and poked the slime and it didn’t splash! We had so much fun handling the slime and then watching the slime melt in our hands!

We will definitely be making this again inshaAllah!

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