DITL 30/11/2017

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies

Today I thought I would share what we did in our happy muslim homeschool today. I always enjoy reading how other sisters plan and run their homeschool days, so here is a snapshot of ours.

6am. Kids prayed and went back to sleep. I got ready for the day, made my husband’s breakfast and he left for work.

7am. Kids woke up and we snoozed for a little while.

7.30am. Kids started their morning routines. I have this written up so kids know what to do rather than me instructing everything! Includes getting teeth brushed/getting ready, making beds, and cleaning and feeding our kitty.

8.30am. Breakfast.

9.30am. I played with my youngest. I froze some of his toys (and string so he could pull the ‘boats’) the night before in icecube trays and a cake tin. I then tipped everything into a plastic box with scoops and spoons. It made a wonderful ice activity which kept him happy alhamdulillah.

Kids practised their ayaats at this time. Then came to me one by one for hifdh and revision.

10.30 – All the kids wanted to join in the ice adventure, so I let them while I sipped on my morning coffee!

11- Islamic studies notebooking. Today we finished off the story of Nuh alayhisalam. Kids summarised the story, and we also discussed lessons we can take from his story, including trust in Allah, and patience. We also read out Surah Nuh, kids always enjoy referring back to the Mushaf.

12. Break for salaah and lunch. Quick house tidy. There was a lovely outpour of rain at some point too, so we all went to the garden to enjoy it since we don’t get much rain in KSA, a perfect opportunity to make dua.

1pm- Maths. Then kids had a snack and did private reading.

2.30 – Science. We finished off our hot and cold deserts topic by doing some notebooking. Then me and my youngest played and did some one to one reading while kids finished up. We found a few caterpillars in our produce last week, which we decided to keep. Alhamdulillah, one of them had broken out of its cocoon, so we had the wonderful opportunity to let it go!

3.30. Tidy up, showers and salaah.

5.00. Boys went out with daddy for a barbeque at his workplace. Me and the girls tidied, and the girls made dinner…some easy pizza toast. Then we prayed and got ready for a night of relaxing with some snacks and activities.

Comment below on how a typical homeschool day is for your home, I look forward to hearing from you insha’Allah. Alhamdulillah, it’s the weekend!!!!!

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