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Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I decided to make my son something I knew he would admire forever…his very own racetrack! In the past, we’ve bought plastic tracks for trains and cars which are great but the problem is as soon as you lose a piece its game over. Also, the novelty seems to wear off quickly with store bought toys; my kids tend to play much longer with things we’ve made together.

What you will need:
Black tape
White tape – this is optional but definitely adds some nice detail. You could also use white paper and glue this onto the black tape.




How awesome does it look, Allahuma barik. It just took a few minutes to make a racetrack shape on the floor and add some detail with the white tape. Me and the kids had so much fun racing each other on the track. My daughter had an ambulance on site too just in case someone had an accident! The kids are already thinking of other things they want to add like flags and tunnels.

All in all, inexpensive yet so effective! the best part of all for mum….no clear up needed.

Note: Below is an updated version of our racetrack-this time we designed it on my son’s rug instead of the floor. Perfect to play on while we read aloud.


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