Lesson plan – Carving Gingerbread Hieroglyphs

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies
We are currently studying the Ancient Egyptians in History and like many, my kids found the concept of hieroglyphics so interesting! So, I decided to do a little project…but not the usual making a scroll and painting.

Instead, we decided to make our stone tablets from gingerbread and ‘carve’ our hieroglyphics like the Ancient Egyptians did!

What you will need:
Gingerbread biscuit dough
Clingfilm to wrap and chill
Butter knives/toothpicks/forks
Rolling pin
Cookie cutters – optional, I had these on hand so my 3 year old could join in.

So, the first step. Make some gingerbread biscuit dough a few hours prior to the lesson, so it has time to rest and chill. This called for my little kitchen helper…

Once the dough was chilled and had firmed up it was time to get carving. The kids first rolled out their tablets (don’t roll out too thinly or they will fall apart) and then we began carving using some butter knives and forks.

Some of the hieroglyphs were quite intricate but I think the kids did a great job carving out their names. My little one wasn’t so interested in the carving, so I gave him some cookie cutters and he was happy to join in too..any chance to make a mess is always welcome!

Once the kids were happy with their tablets we baked them and let them cool. Allahuma barik, they came out looking awesome!

And the best part…the aroma of fresh gingerbread wafting throughout the house on a cold winters evening.
Share your projects on Ancient Egypt below in the comments, it’s nice to hear about other homeschooling projects and be inspired!

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