DITL – 5/2/2018

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I hope you are all in the best of health and emaan.  As homeschoolers its always interesting to see how other homeschooling families plan their day and what they get up to. So I’d like to give you a snapshot of our Happy Muslim Homeschool by sharing another DITL.

7am – The hubby left for work and I went back to sleep after making breakfast etc.
8.45am – I woke up feeling refreshed alhamdulillah.  My 4-year-old also woke up and had some snuggle time in bed with me before we woke up everyone else. 
9-10.30am – Everyone got ready for the day, and we sat down to have some crepes with maple syrup for breakfast ( I prepared these in advance so it was just a case of grab and go). My 4-year-old went back to bed, he doesn’t normally have naps, but he wasn’t feeling well today so I put him down for a nap while the rest of the kids did a quick tidy up. 
10.30-Dhuhr – We did Quran memorisation and revision of previous surahs. My 4 year old woke up from his nap so we played while the kids were revising.
Dhuhr-1.30pm – We prayed and had snacks. Normally we would have gone out for our morning walk but since my youngest was still a little tired we decided to stay and play in the garden instead. Lots of scooter races to get the wiggles out and burn off some energy!
1.30-2pm- Lunch and a quick tidy.
2-3.15pm – I did Maths with the kids while my youngest sat next to me and drew. After Maths we did History. We are doing the Ancients at the moment, so today we read little about Ancient China, and did some review questions, mapwork and dictation. My youngest loves the reading part of History and even the questions! When the kids do mapwork and dictation he usually gets restless so I occupy him with something else.
3.15-4.45 – We prayed Asr and then the kids played outside. I did some chores while they played, and daddy also came home.
4.45-5.30pm – Kids read their Quran to daddy and had their last lesson of today, Arabic.
5.30-7.30pm – Maghrib and time to wind down! We had dinner around 6.15pm then spent time playing in the garden and having some family time. 
7.30pm – Prayed Isha, then kids did some one on one reading with me and my husband and followed their evening routine. 

So, there was a glimpse into what we got into today. We normally have more outdoor time, and read aloud time too, but some days you just dont get everything done.  It’s also fine if some days we are not doing elaborate projects and going on field trips either! Alhamdulillah the beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility, it’s priceless.

How was your day today? Comment below!



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