Lesson Plan – Sensory Surprise Eggs

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies
It was the night before our school week and an idea popped into my mind that encompassed everything my 4-year-old loves; cars, water, and lots and lots of mess!
I decided to incorporate a little learning game too as a hands-on way to teach my son about colours.

What you will need:
Balloons in various colours
Small toys
A big plastic tub/box
A piece of paper showing the different colours matching the balloons you have (I just splodged some paints on a white paper)
Things to crack the eggs. We used a spoon, and a spray bottle filled with water. You could use anything you like.
Glitter (optional) This will give the eggs a nice sparkly finish, but we didn’t have any. You could also opt for food colouring too but I wasn’t prepared for the stains on my recently washed rug.
And of course, water.
All you have to do to make your frozen surprise eggs is pop the toys into the balloons, fill with water (and glitter/food colouring if you’re using it) and then freeze overnight.
The next morning the eggs will be frozen solid. Just put them in a tub and start having fun! For our simple colour learning activity, I asked my son to pick an ‘egg’ and then point to the matching colour on the sheet. Once he told me in both English and Arabic, he was ready to ‘crack’ the shell. While he held the egg, I used scissors to snip the balloon, and pop!!!! The egg cracked open and he was ready chisel away to uncover the surprise!

The variations to this activity are endless. You could label the eggs with numbers and letters, shapes, countries and capital cities, or animal and insect names. Of course, you could do this without any game at all and just crack and discover straight away.
We had a great time cracking and discovering our surprises. And after all the ice had melted we were left with a tub of water…so the mess and play continued!

What are you’re favourite toddler activities? Comment below!

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