When our House became a Home.

My carpet full of crumbs,
Sticky fingers on the wall.
Paint marks on my hijaab,
But that’s not all.

Flour stuck on the floor,
From pancakes, we made this morning.
My four year old asking me to read,
But I can’t stop yawning.

My coffee has gone cold,
While picking up the books.
Cars, trains, and piles of sand,
And of course his yellow truck. 

I could get upset and moan,
Surely this cannot be fun!
But there’s another way to look at this,
Let me show you how it’s done.

My kids love reading to me,
Especially when teamed with cuddles.
We baked a delicious breakfast together,
Hence the floor now full of puddles.

The stack of books we read,
Took us to a different land.
The toy trucks led to hours of creativity,
Who cares about a little sand?

So my dearest homeschool mum,
Do not feel sad or down.
This evidence of hands-on learning,
Should overturn that frown.

The grass always seems greener,
Especially when you see that Pinterest house.
But would you really be that happy,
If everyone were as quiet as a mouse?

For the time you spent with your children,
Has surely not gone astray.
And if you’re simply too tired,
Just turn the other way.

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Passionate about simple homeschooling, morning coffee, writing, and raising my children upon the Qur'an and Sunnah in sha Allah.

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