3D Homeschool Recipe

Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies!

Today, me and the kiddos had a great history lesson, but of course, no subjects are isolated and I personally feel that homeschooling gives you the opportunity to tap into this further. Our homeschool is not one dimensional, it’s 3D!

So, let me use today’s lesson as an example.

Me and the kiddos were studying two of the most famous Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt: Amenhotep IV and Tutankhamen. Amenhotep IV was the only Pharoah to introduce monotheism to Egypt, whereas King Tut reintroduced polytheism.

So did we just cover History? Nope! 

First, my kiddos orally narrated the story back to me after I had read it aloud to them, so we stirred up some great conversation with listening skills thrown in too.

Next, we looked up Egypt and other surrounding areas on the map, so we added a pinch of Geography.

Then the kids wrote a few narrations summarising the story, so a good handful of writing and dictation.

We then notebooked the differences between both pharaohs, one who went from polytheism to monotheism, and the other who went from polytheism to monotheism hence a heaped spoon of artistic brilliance.


And last of all, and my favourite, we garnished with Islamic studies. We had a great discussion about Tawheed and the oneness of Allah and in all essence that is why I homeschool my children. I don’t want them to be raised to feel that their Islam is something separate, only done at specific times or places. But rather it is a way of life and can be discussed in any context. Be it Tawheed when studying Egyptians, to studying biology and reminding ourselves how Allah is Al-Khaliq and Al-Mussawir, that is what makes our homeschool happy.

How do you keep your homeschool holistic? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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