DITL when Mum is tired -13/03/2018

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies

Today I thought I’d share a day in the life of our homeschool when I wasn’t quite up for it.  I’ve had a cold all week and not much energy, and even today was quite slow.  But I think it’s important to share experiences when things don’t go to plan.  Days like this just take some tweaking that’s all, an art I’m still mastering.  No elaborate projects, field trips or anything majorly exciting happened, just a slow paced day which I could manage. 
So here’s a snapshot of how our Happy Muslim Homeschool looked like yesterday. 

5.15 – Time for salah, getting myself ready and preparing breakfast/ lunch for my husband so he could leave for work. 
6.30 – This is the time I normally wake my elder kids up to memorise their Quran, and while they memorise I also do my own studies.  But my head was feeling heavy and I just snoozed in bed while drinking my morning coffee. 
7.00 – The kids woke up. Since I wasn’t well the night before either the house was messy, so we got down to our morning chores straight away and then had breakfast together: its times like this you appreciate having a pan of baked oatmeal in the fridge. We took it nice and slow and eased into our day. 
9.00 – The kiddos got started on their Quran while I played with my youngest.  He decided to open his own shop, selling an array of biscuits, homemade slime and dinosaurs.  After Quran was finished we did our Maths lesson, albeit sat on the bed.

11.40 – We took a break. I had a lie down until Dhuhr while the kids played.
12.20 – We prayed and I put some lunch in the oven. While lunch was getting ready I read a chapter of our current read aloud whilst the kids played.
1.00 – Had lunch and continued our read aloud – it was getting interesting.
1.45 – We did some tablework including Spelling and Geography, while my youngest did Lego. We also did one of our Ramadan guest house activities which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.  I warmed my coffee several times during this time.

3.10 – I was really tired by now, so we finished up our schoolwork for the day. We did a speed clean and prayed Asr. I had already arranged dinner…..
4.15 – Daddy arrived home with some pizza (remember I arranged dinner?). Time to relax, put my feet up and have a laid back evening.

So ladies, there you have it.  We started our day late, I didn’t cook dinner, and I didn’t have the energy to fit in our Phonics lesson. But you know what, once I recover we will get back to our early starts. Dinner will be homemade tomorrow, and that Phonics lesson will be rescheduled for Thursday inshaAllah.
So don’t beat yourself up ladies, go easy on yourself and just do the best you can.


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