Lesson Idea: Revealing the revelation..

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu mama’s

Last week me and the kids read Surah Al Qadr and discussed its tafseer in preparation for the arrival of Ramadan. We are currently doing crafts as part of our Ramadan Guest House and alhamdulillah, the excitement and anticipation for Ramadan is definitely building. 

My kids were in awe when we discussing the profoundness of Laylatul Qadr, and how the Qu’ran was revealed. So I thought of a simple activity that I felt would further build their connection and awareness of such a breathtaking moment. 

What you will need:
Watercolour paints/any type of paint that has been watered down (we used Tempera)
White oil pastel/white crayon 

So, while the kiddos were out I grabbed their sketchpads and wrote ‘Iqra’ in white oil pastel and its meaning underneath.


I got the paints and brushes ready, and turned off the lights – I knew some of my kids would notice the secret message and blurt it out!

After calling the kids back inside, we discussed the events that lead up to Laylatul Qadr, taking a moment to appreciate and do our best to understand just how the Prophet sallahu alayhi wasalam must have felt when receiving the first revelation. We then listened to Surah Al Alaq, and went through its meaning and discussed further.  

Then we headed to the table, and I told the kids to get started on their paintings, you can definitely get the younger kids involved in this too.  Before you knew it, the “Oh whats this, I can see something, my paint isn’t spreading” comments began to pop up, and within a couple of minutes one of the kids shouted ‘it says Iqra!’.


It was wonderful to see the kids being surprised, and that is exactly what I intended. Of course, this wasn’t meant to replicate how the Qu’ran was revealed, but rather for us to appreciate just how surprised and overtaken the Prophet Sallahu alayi wasalam must have been on such a momentous occasion. Alhamdulillah, it was so simple and easy to do, but it really did carve a memory for my kids.

May Allah make us amongst those who witness Ramadan, Ameen!


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