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Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies

The beautiful month of mercy is around the corner, and we need to enter the month feeling prepared. So, over the next couple of weeks, I will be covering the fiqh of Ramadan with my older kids, using ‘Fasting in Ramadan as observed by the Prophet (peace be upon him)’ as our main resource.  We won’t be covering the whole book, but rather taking the basics and covering them in more detail.

For the younger kiddos, I made a lapbook covering some very basic aspects of fiqh.  We haven’t started the books yet, hence everything is blank, but all the information can be found in the same book.


The lapbook itself is constructed by using two card folders.


On the first page, the arrows need to positioned on the number line correctly to show what pillar of Islam ‘Fasting’ is, and when Ramadan commences in the Hijri calendar.

There is also a flipbook covering some basic aspects of when to start fasting.


The scroll opens up so the child can copy the ayaat underneath.


Next suhoor and iftaar. The kids can glue the dates into the bowl, and fill their iftaar dinnerplate. 


We then move onto things which are permissible and impermissible while fasting, and also things which break the fast. The kids can choose to either write or draw.


Underneath some information about Laylatul Qadr, and the recommended dua.



On the next page, a little about those who are exempt from fasting.  The kids can write them in the wheels and then stick them on.


The kids can then draw or write about Ramadan in their own household and what people in different countries do. Finally, its time write up some good deeds they would like to do and pop them in the cookie jar.  Make sure to only glue the sides so the cookies can fit.  


You can find all the templates below.  Insha’Allaah I will be making a separate book about zakat, and Eid in the upcoming weeks.

Ramadan Lapbook (updated)


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