Routine Vs Schedule (+Planner)

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu 

Its the start of a brand new homeschool year for us, and we are slowly transitioning from easing into school to implementing a full homeschool schedule.

So what does a full homeschool day look like for us?  Well, it doesn’t have any rigid timings that’s for sure.  You see, when I first began homeschooling one of the first things I did was print off a daily timetable, and I furiously began filling up the slots with not just what we needed to get done academically, but also LIFE!  From cooking dinner, to teaching phonics, everything was timed. 

And what happened?

At first, I felt great.  Every tick box felt like an achievement.  But slowly those days became less and less, because I wasn’t able to keep up with such a strict regiment. 

I ‘fell behind’ every day, and even when I had achieved something it was at the expense of something else…my own quiet time – which turned me into a Mombie almost every day.

So out went the daily time table, and in came our routine, bringing back with it my sanity, Alhamdulillah.  


See, having a homeschool routine works great, because it creates order and expectation without the pressure.  My children thrive on routine, Allahuma barik, and they like to know what the day has in store for them.  And as the children get older it helps to create a sense of independence, as they can get stuck into whatever they need to do and this is especially beneficial when it comes to homeschooling.

So here is my basic daily and weekly schedule which is split into 3 blocks.  Block 1 is our main priority subject, which for us is always the same (Quran memorisation and revision).  Block 1 is our only subject that has the same timing too as focusing on Quran after Fajr salaah is recommended.  Block 2 then is for our core subjects and Block 3 is for subjects we rotate such as History and Geography.  

I jot everything down, and then we take each day as it comes, using salaah timings to give our day structure.  Some days we get Block 2 and 3 done without much of a break in between if there is something we need to do such as an outdoor activity. On the days we don’t have anything planned outside, I’m much more relaxed with the time, but we aim to be done before Asr time as the evening is more to wind down and have family time. 

Not having timed subjects has allowed us to explore further into a subject area when my childrens interests are sparked, or wrap up things quickly when I feel concepts have been grasped and there’s no need to just hang in there to reassure myself that enough was done.  They are also great because as you change up things throughout the year, such as adding in activities, you dont need to redo your entire timetable all over again.  You can just slot them in, and keep everything else the same.

Alhamdulillah, routines have been a step in the right direction for us and brought the happiness back into our Happy Muslim Homeschool! 

If you would like to print out a weekly routine template for yourself click here.

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