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Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,

I hope you are enjoying this blessed Friday.  Several sisters have asked me about how I plan our homeschool year, so today I thought I’d share how.


Let me talk you through with using one of our curriculum for this year, All About Spelling Level 3.



As you can see, the curriculum has 28 lessons in total.
So in the no. of lessons/pages column, I write down 28.
It roughly takes us 3 days to complete 1 lesson, so I write this down in the next column.  
I have scheduled Spelling three times a week, so I write this in the next column.
This should result in us completing 1 lesson per week, insha’Allah.


So according to the above
-It should take roughly seven weeks to get through 1/4 of the curriculum, which for us means we should finish 1/4 by mid September.  
-We should be halfway through the curriculum by the end of October.
-We should finish by April 2019 insha’Allah (I have accounted for holidays throughout the year, since we homeschool year round).


So there you have it, a rough plan of how long it will take for us to complete All About Spelling, Level 3.  Bare in mind, this is a rough plan, and since we homeschool year round, which means we don’t take off a big chunk in Summer and instead take off time when we need, the dates wont be wholly accurate.  But it will give me a good idea, and ensure we don’t get too far off track. I have several subjects that we should be a quarter way though by the end of October, so I will revisit my plan then and see how we’ve gotten on.  I also dont plan out the year straight away, as I like to get a feel of curriculum, and get a realistic idea of how long it takes to complete a lesson first, as teacher manuals do come with schedules but they are not always feasible. 

You may have noticed that the second column also has an option for listing down the number of pages in the curriculum rather than lessons.  This is because sometimes curriculum are not always split into lessons, but rather topics.  

I hope you found this post useful.  As always, tweak the plan according to what works for you.  You may have several holidays already planned, hence your dates will be more rigid.  If you take off the Summer, you may have a date you would like school wrapped up by, so again space out the year accordingly.

To print out your own planner click HERE.

Also visit the Printables section for more planning resources. If you have any questions, you can comment below!

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