Grab a Coffee…

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies

How are you? 

Its been an interesting couple of weeks for me.  After deleting my Instagram, I felt better Alhamdulillah, but quickly came to the realisation that it wasn’t quite enough

What do I mean by this you say?  Well,  I felt overwhelmed, my mind was cluttered.  Not solely due to social media, but just in general.  We accumulate so much in our minds, especially as mothers who are multitasking all day every day, we can slowly lose clarity.

The clarity I’m talking about is not so much the ‘knowing what to do’ everyday, jotting everything down in a planner or a whiteboard.For me, the clarity is before pen hits paper.  Its the ‘why’  I have chosen to do things I’m about to write down.

The most important factor is what often gets overlooked.  Why have I decided to wake up early?  Why do I homeschool my children?  Why do I choose this subject over the other?

Things get done know, but the depth of substance fizzles away.  

And thus I’ve really indulged in some quiet time recently.  See, in today’s world its almost like we are not a good enough judge of ourselves, constantly seeking answers from our devices, whereas deeper self reflection needs thorough self evaluation.And when we start to see things clearly, its time to assess our daily decisions. 

So, if our intentions are to create our household to be one that is centered around the worship of Allaah, do our daily decisions meet this lofty aim??

Is the Qu’ran interweaved in all aspects of our life, or has its reference been restricted to a particular time and place?

The beautiful example of our Prophet, Sallahu alayhi wasalam, we yearn to implement…is it in everything or just the ‘major’ things?

Is the enjoyment of our salaah saved for Jumuah/when the children are sleeping or is it an integral part of our homeschool day…our daily life?

My point is that to really dig deeper, we must constantly look at ourselves and what we prioritise.  I often get asked about our homeschool schedule, and I’ve also been keen to see other schedules especially when I first started homeschooling.  And I will be sharing ours at some point (its been tweaked thus I didn’t share last week), however I would advise myself and my fellow mamas to think of your schedule/routine as secondary, but first establish your dream home.  How do you envision it?  What does it look like?  What are its foundations?  What is seen as enjoyment?  What is your time spent on?  What example would you like your children to follow?  What would you like to avoid? 

The schedule is the easy part.

Have a beautiful week ladies.





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