Admiring Allahs Creation: DIY Nature Journal

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

We are loving the Winter season over here, especially since it’s usually hot and dry all year round.  So rather than spending more time indoors, we’ve been taking advantage of the cool breeze and getting outdoors more often.

And although we go for nature walks often, I wanted to incorporate nature studies as a definite component of our homeschool week.  Especially since pausing, admiring and pondering over Allahs creation can be a beautiful way for us to discuss Allahs greatness.

There are some wonderful nature journals online, but I wanted our journals to encourage us to praise Allah and aid in increasing our love for Him, rather than refer to things like ‘Mother nature’, may Allah protect us.  I also wanted our journals to be interactive, not confined to a number of pages, so the kids can get creative.

And here’s a peek into how our nature journal turned out.


By drawing attention to the verses in the Qur’an about nature,  I hope our nature studies will be a way we can incorporate Islamic Studies in a practical way.  The wonderful thing about nature journaling is that it can be enjoyed by children of all ages, and with younger kiddos you could always journal with them, writing down their observations as they describe them to you.







What you will need to make your own journal:
Nature journal printables (click HERE to download)
Ring binders
Plain drawing paper 
The following items are optional but will make your journal more interesting!
Different coloured paper (Black will be great for chalk drawings)
Textured paper such as crepe paper, foil paper, tracing paper etc.
Plastic punched hole wallets
Velcro disks
Stickers (I also had a quick look in our Arts and Crafts trolley to see what we could use, and I would suggest you do the same; you will find things you probably forgot you had! Coloured paper, cardboard, recycled paper; you can pretty much use anything.)

All you need to do is simply print out the journal pages, and assemble everything into the ring binder; be sure to print out several copies of the last page and slot them throughout the journal. To create little envelopes where the children can store things they find, simply attach velcro disks to plastic wallets.  Really, just have fun with this!

And remember, if you have nothing extra you can simply use the printables and plain paper and add things as you go along.  Just print your journals below and get started!

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