When your Muslim Homeschool loses focus + Printable

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu my dear sisters,

I pray that you are in the best of health and emaan, ameen. I’ve been wanting to write about todays blog post subject for a while now. It’s something I’ve struggled with before, and its one of those things that happens gradually over time. Let me elaborate…

You start your homeschool journey with the intention to keep Islam central in your child’s life and visualise memorising Qur’an, learning about the Prophets and sahabah, implementing the sunnah and Tafseer to be the focal point of your learning journey and intertwined in everything including academics. But then you read a book on classical education which advises you that ideally History should be taught three times a week, alongside Geography and Biology, or you see an Instagram post from a Mama who seems to be doing elaborate nature projects all the time, and you worry your kids are missing out.

So you buy a tonne of books, fill your schedule to the brim, and over time you run out of much time for anything else. Inevitably building the Islamic foundation in your homeschool unintentionally gets reduced to a little memorisation and even that gets compromised when you’re overwhelmed..

Then it hits you that the plan you had for your children isn’t quite going to plan.

But not to worry Mama. These things happen and its never to late to make some changes and adjust the dynamics of your homeschool and make Islam its centre point once again.

With some reflection, renewed intention, and visualisation you can regain that balance insha’Allah. Im not advocating that you disregard the importance of academics by any means, but rather let us ensure that our deen is not compromised, but rather prioritised in our homeschool journeys. Below are a few points for you and I to consider.

Prioritise subjects in order of importance.
See, if we want Qu’ran to take precedence in our childs life, that needs to be physically manifested and not left till when our children are tired. We have the freedom to choose subject order, so why not make Qu’ran/Islamic studies the first subject you study? Morning baskets and circle time help set the tone for the day so are a great time to remind our children to be grateful to Allah for their blessings, memorise Quran (even short verses for younger children) and study basics of Islams when our childrens minds are fresh and alert. You can then block plan other academic subjects throughtout the rest of the day.

Intertwine Islamic studies into Academic subjects.
Geography, History and Science are brilliant avenues to teach our children Islamic studies. Studying anatomy is an opportunity to remind our children that Allah is The Creator and The Fashioner who has designed everything in perfection, the Ancient Egyptians can be a backdrop to study the story of Musa alayhisalam and taking a little extra time out to study Muslim populated countries and cultures demonstrates to our children that Islam is a global religion not restricted to a particular country.

Enjoy learning about Islam in both a formal and a relaxed manner.
Our deen is a way of life, and thus it doesn’t needn’t be compartmentalised to a particular time or day. So schedule Qur’an memorisation in a formal manner but also read your mushaf when snuggled on the sofa. Don’t limit speaking about the Prophet sallahu alayhiwasalam, to an Islamic studies lesson but rather speak and refer to his example in all areas of life. When we live our faith, we are laying the bricks for the foundation of our home.

Schedule your day around Salaah.
This is one of the biggest perks of homeschooling! As my children got older, we practised the habit of Qur’an memorisation after Fajr as it is a recommended time, and it has made a huge difference, Allahuma barik. Rather than break at lunch, let the adhaan of dhuhr be the time you break for lunch and salaah. Both Mama and children will come back feeling refreshed and re-energised not only physically but spiritually too insha’Allah.

Below are a couple of activities that will help you brainstorm your ideal homeschool and will insha’Allah help you put your ideal homeschool day on paper!

I hope these points have helped. The printables below are also designed to get your thoughts down on paper and insha’Allah your faith centered homeschool will flourish once again.

Download here


Download here

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7 thoughts on “When your Muslim Homeschool loses focus + Printable

  1. Assalamualaikum sis. Jazakhallahu khairan for this lovely post, it actually came just when I needed it. After a long break off our homeschooling routine due to a major surgery I had , I have been feeling so overwhelmed on where and how to kick start our homeschooling bearing in mind Islam as the main focus.
    This post have really helped me in putting things into perspective and leaving me less overwhelmed. May Allah azzawajal accept your effort and bless your family amin.

    1. Wa alaykum salaam sis. Barakhallahu feeki. I’m so happy to hear that. May Allah grant you good health and make your efforts fruitful, ameen. I will be writing a part two to this at some point, I had so much more to add but didn’t want to make the post too long!

  2. MashaAllah.. May Allah bless you.. This really is thouhtful! I will reschedule my kid’s learning activity from now on.

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