Continent Climate Lesson Idea

Asalamu alaykum ladies. We did this lesson more than a year ago or so, but I thought I’d share the idea because it was one of those spontaneous unplanned lessons that turned out to be really beneficial, alhamdulillah (I love it when that happens!)

We were doing a unit study on Africa at the time, and I wanted the kids to get a feel of Africa and its various climates. Pre-printed maps to colour are great, but I personally feel freehand drawing has great benefits.

All you need for this lesson are:
Paper (We used our A3 sketch pads)
Map of the continent you are studying. We used our National Geographic Atlas. Click HERE for a similar map I found online for Africa (scroll down about a quarter of the way). Of course, there are maps available for all continents.

And that’s all you need. We took our time to carefully draw an outline of Africa and then painted our drawing according to its climate. My kids were quite surprised with just how varied the climate in Africa was!

This is a great lesson for kids of multiple ages to get involved in so definitely a great group lesson.

Happy learning!

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