Our updated Homeschool Routine 2018-2019

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Asalamu alaykum ladies, the kids are away at Football, so I thought I’d use the time to share our current homeschool routine as quite a few sisters have asked me via Instagram. I did post this a while ago, I think it was around November, but as you know routines are forever changing.

So here’s what are current routine looks like, and I plan on keeping it like this until Ramadan insha’Allah since it’s working out well alhamdulillah.

Block 1-Qur’an, Arabic
Block 2-Islamic Studies, Brave Writer
Block 3-Science

Block 1-Qur’an,
Block 2-Math, Brave Writer, History
Block 3-Arabic

Block 1-Qur’an, Arabic
Block 2-Brave Writer, Math, Spelling
Block 3-Geography

Block 1-Qur’an, Arabic
Block 2-Math, Brave Writer Project
Block 3-Science

Block 1-Qur’an
Block 2-History, Brave Writer Free Write
Block 3-Geography, Science

Qu’ran and Islamic Studies

Hope this is useful insha’Allah. If you’d like to know more about how I block plan, you can read more HERE.

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