Rosetta Stone Lesson Idea

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies, as promised here’s a previous History lesson we did the last school year that I didn’t share at the time. We were covering the Ancient World at the time, and the kids wanted to study the Rosetta Stone further and how Hieroglyphs were deciphered. So, we spent a couple of lessons researching more about the Rosetta Stone, through books and documentaries.

We began by drawing an outline of the Rosetta Stone, and then the kids began notebooking within the outline. I think it looked really effective alhamdulillah! The kids were also surprised to learn that Muslims also contributed to the deciphering of Hieroglyphs which was not mentioned in any of the documentaries we watched. This leads us to a good discussion about History and the way it is portrayed overall.

Here are a few links that you may find useful;

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