Homeschool High? Eat a slice of humble pie…

Asalamu alaykum Sisters. I shared this thought on my Instagram page a few days ago, but the message is an important reminder for myself so I wanted to post here too. See, as our homeschool journeys progress and our parenting paths lengthen, we may begin to witness the fruits of our labour, Allahuma barik.

Our children begin to read the Qur’an.

Their identity becomes stronger.

They want to practice what they have learnt without as much instruction.

And all of these things bring such contentment to the heart of a parent. But it’s important to remind ourselves often, that guidance comes from Allah alone, it isn’t a default outcome of our efforts. Our children are an amanah, of which we will be questioned for, but just because we put in the effort that alone doesn’t guarantee righteous children.

The Prophets, may Allah have mercy on them, we constantly reminded by Allah that they are but mere warners, and as a parent, we must acknowledge and remind ourselves, in times of ease as well as hardship, we are not in control of the outcome of our child’s life.

We pray that they continue on the path we have paved for them to please Allah, but when they are older they may not choose to stick to that path.
So beyond the physical exertion, du’a is something new should constantly be engaged in; because even though what we see in front of us right now is pleasing, Allah alone decides who He guides.

So enjoy the homeschool high, but remember to say Alhamdulillah, and eat a large slice of humble pie.

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