Parts of Speech Color Key (Printable)

Asalamu alaykum ladies. Grammar is one of those subjects that usually gets met with a sigh. But Brave Writer really changed my perception of the need to teach grammar in the only way I thought possible and its been a huge relief! We’ve done a formal grammar program in the past as Julie (the founder of Brave Writer) herself advises, but it will be some time until we need to do another program dedicated to Grammar only. Brave Writer offers plenty of opportunities to teach Grammar on a weekly basis, and dare I say it; its fun!

I also like to review parts of speech on a daily basis, by asking the children to read the weekly paragraph and highlight the parts of speech. This has been working well. My eldest daughter who has dyslexia, especially finds this helpful, but to make things a little easier I made a color key since she likes to do things methodically.

We will keep the key clipped to our copywork frame holders for reference, and will also be making bookmarks with them, since reading together is a great opportunity to make children understand how language works.

You can download the key HERE.

Happy Brave Writing!

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