10 Tips to eliminate Homeschool Boredom

Asalamu alaykum ladies.  Homeschool boredom is something I have personally experienced myself, as are all the topics I discuss on my blog.  It’s moments during your homeschool season that begin to feel monotonous, and you begin to lose interest in anything remotely to do with planning teaching.  It’s not the same as homeschool burnout, which is more when Mama feels mentally tired.  Homeschool boredom is when you lose the passion to teach your children.  And when Mama is unenthusiastic, the kids will no doubt begin to feel the same.

So how can we combat homeschool boredom?  Here are 10 TIPS which may help bust homeschool boredom.

Renew your intention. 
I’ve talked about intention so many times on my blog, I’ve lost count!  But honestly, the core of our daily efforts must branch out from a strong intention; to raise our children to worship Allah, with the example set by the Prophet, صلى الله عليه وسلم .
It is when we remind ourselves of the bigger picture, our daily efforts which at times can seem of little value, the zeal to continue reignites.  Our children can be our pathway to Jannah if we raise them well, and we must constantly refresh, renew and remind ourselves of this.  
To add to this, make dua that Allah gives you the strength and enthusiasm to keep going.  And read your Mushaf daily, there is nothing more inspiring than reading the book of Allah.  These few moments of self-reflection will have a great impact on your mindset insha’Allah.

Freshen up your school space.
By this, I don’t mean refurbishing the schoolroom.  Just take the morning to clean, organise and freshen up your space.  Declutter if need be, but don’t overwhelm yourself…we don’t need to add more work on our shoulders right now!  But as the saying goes ‘clean space, clear mind’.  Some fresh flowers, a little bukhoor and a new candle makes all the difference. 


Do something YOU enjoy.
We’ve all heard about child-led learning.  What about sprinkling in some Mum-led learning?  Take your own interests and combine them with that of your children; in most cases, they’ll be just as enthusiastic.  Take a day to turn Geography into an Art project, or incorporate hiking in your weekly routine.  Homeschooling is just as much about you as your child, so schedule times for the things you enjoy too.


Have more time outdoors.  
Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for the mind.  So if ever you feel a little down before the day has even started, pack up and do school outdoors.  Make a picnic and take the school to the park, or even just outside in the garden.  A change of scene can help break the ‘groundhog day’ cycle for you and the kids.

Plan a field trip.
When is the last time you took a field trip?  It’s easy to get caught up in just getting things done, often a couple of months before we even notice.  Field trips can be planned, according to what you are currently studying, or you could just pop to the local museum and just enjoy the current exhibition.  Field trips are a brilliant way to bust homeschool boredom!

Take a day off.
Sometimes an extended weekend just to have time to do any of the above is just what you may need.  It’s worthwhile to take a day off and replenish your enthusiasm, rather than stick to the usual week with little enthusiasm – learning won’t be as fruitful when Mom is not feeling it.


Connect with other homeschoolers.  
You may already be part of a co-op that meets once a fortnight/month.  But sometimes, you just need to meet other mums, without necessarily having anything formal planned.  An impromptu afternoon at the park, sharing a picnic, where mums can share ideas, experiences and struggles may seem like a simple thing to do, but in the world of homeschooling support is key.  

Reach out. 
Homeschool support isn’t limited to co-ops in today’s world.  There are lots of support avenues online where you can connect with other homeschool families.  Take inspiration and ideas- but a word of warning…. time yourself!  And for the mamas who like me aren’t surrounded by co-ops and homeschool groups, playdates, weekly activities and support groups are also options. 

Change up your morning routine.
Morning activities really set the tone for the day.  So, perhaps change up your usual activities.  How about some outdoor time, games. puzzles; or anything that will foster a positive atmosphere and bring some lightheartedness to the day is worth spending time on.

Schedule time for your own learning.
This is especially for Mamas with younger kiddos.  I most experienced homeschool burnout when I had envisioned my homeschool to look like high school homeschool; something that had to take up a huge chunk of my day and was intense.  So I would set up beautiful activities for my children….which would be on the floor within ten minutes.  And when the days’ lessons are done by 9am, and you haven’t got anything else planned, boredom will be inevitable.  Rather plan time for your own studies around your kiddos.  Break up your day into chunks, some of which focus on the kids learning and other time for yourself.  Boredom will stay at bay when your busy insha’Allah.

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