Qur’an Memorisation & Revision Planner

Asalamu alaykum ladies. My dearest friend was struggling with keeping on track with her children’s’ hifdh journies, and I myself have been feeling a little overwhelmed recently.  So I decided to create a simple weekly planner that you can use for your children, which will be especially beneficial with Ramadan around the corner.

I’ve uploaded the pdf document version of the planner, and intentionally kept the space for revision bigger.  You can print out the planner double-sided and reuse printable pages by planning with a pencil.  Alternatively, should you prefer a word version you can edit weekly, without the need to print anything (and save paper!) you can email me and I can send that to you.


For me, this planner is more so for me as a parent.  I also like to write in my children’s diary daily, which is a diary specifically to log their Qu’ran journey, where I write them an encouraging message every day and they also express how they were feeling that particular day.

I’d love for my children to keep their dairies as a means to remind them of the beautiful journey they undertook, of memorising the Book of Allaah.

You can download your own planner HERE
May Allah make us amongst those who memorise His words and implement it. 


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