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Asalamu alaykum ladies.  It’s almost Ramadan and it’s wonderful to hear everyone getting ready for its arrival.  I took some time out to really think about what I really wanted our focus to be this Ramadan, and in simple terms I want us to connect with the Qur’an on a deeper level.  This beautiful month is aptly named ‘The Month of Qur’an’, and my thought behind creating our journals was that we could really take advantage of this beautiful month with the intention that this deeper understanding will begin in Ramadan, but insha’Allah continues thereafter.

Ramadan is also a perfect opportunity to motivate and encourage children on their hifdh journey, and rejuvenate their love for the journey they have undertaken.

So let me introduce our Ramadan journal for this year.


The journal consists of 30 pages; one for each day of Ramadan.  Each page begins with;

*A positive affirmation to help boost and motivate your childs hifdh journey.  I’ll be encouraging my kiddos to be reading these aloud to themselves.
*A section to write out the verse they are memorising in Arabic, and also a space for its translation.
*A space for some simple Tafseer, or anything that really stood out that your child may want to highlight.
*A daily word section; this is where the children can think of words they hear repeated throughout the Qur’an and can write out its meaning.
*And finally, each page contains a simple question which encourages the kiddos to become hands-on with their mushfaf, searching for the answer.
There is also a numbered tracker which the kiddos can tick off to remind them how many days of Ramadan are left.

I would advise not to print the journal two-sided, and let the kids use the blank pages to further scrapbook about their overall Ramadan experiences.  I will also be binding our journals with extra paper so the kids have more space to doodle and write.

The kids have seen snippets of the journal and are already excited.  I’m actually excited as well, as I myself will be using a copy!

To download the journal click HERE.
I pray that we witness this upcoming Qur’an and benefit from it.


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