Feeling flustered before Ramadan?

Asalamu alaykum ladies.  I wrote a  little piece over on Instagram yesterday but felt I wasn’t able to say all I felt in the caption.  So, I thought I’d write a little more on here, as this is actually an issue many mothers face in the last few days leading to Ramadan.

Although many of us look forward to the blessed month, it’s safe to say when we look around at other families who seemed to have (physical) preparations underway, and we haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary, panic sets in.  So we browse blogs and social media looking for ideas and inspiration but come away feeling stressed.

Oh my, you think… Ramadan is just days away and I haven’t gotten anything ready!

But let me remind myself first and foremost, and you, my dearest Mama that…
*Spring-cleaning can be done without a checklist whiteboard or Kon Marie book.
*Iftaar/Suhoor will be cooked in Ramadan, even if you didn’t get round to that freezer prep or dedicated afternoon of cooking samosas in bulk.
*Kiddos can still enjoy the Ramadan atmosphere without a bookshelf of Ramadan related crafts and activities.

And if the only book you have in your Ramadan basket is your Mushaf….that IS ALL YOU NEED.  And this very point is what I felt I needed to speak about more.

Because, ultimately,  Ramadan is the Month of Qur’an. Whereby we draw closer to Allah through engaging more with His words; encouraging us to exert ourselves in good and refrain from sin.  To engage with our Qur’an, ponder over its meaning, spend more time with it; and to centralise it in our homes honestly doesn’t need any resource.  And I don’t mean books about Tafseer etc.  Of course, to understand the Book of Allah, we must turn to authentic sources.  I’m referring to worksheets, planned activities and a to-do list the long as your arm that you feel you need to accomplish and set up to achieve this.

See, exerting ourselves in good means we should be pushing ourselves in our ibaadah, and our ibaadah isn’t about Arts and Crafts.  Though resources can be tools for us to help engage our children, they aren’t a necessity either.

Stories about Ramadan can be told via word of mouth, perhaps telling your children how Ramadan was for you when you were younger.  Crafts don’t need to be planned; whilst you make your younger kiddos their usual breakfast discuss Ramadan whilst they eat and play, and take a little notepad to the masjid that they can doodle on whilst you pray.

Because lit lanterns are not what makes a difference; it is the atmosphere we create in our homes that illuminates our children’s hearts.

For Ramadan is about being present first and foremost with Allah Azzawajal, then with our loved ones and the wider community. This month is about making efforts to strengthen these ties by looking for opportunities to gain more reward, and those things are not always wittled down to a checklist.

So, if you are feeling a little flustered, don’t feel despaired and convince yourself you’ve missed out. You absolutely CAN make the most of this wonderful month.

A sincere intention, some simple planning and steadfastness are what we need to make our Ramadan fruitful.  Perhaps take a little time out these next few days, minimise distractions and prioritise those things that will genuinely make a difference and help you facilitate change for you and your loved ones this Ramadan…
I think it’s fair to say that most of this requires spiritual preparation rather than physical.

And remember to take inspiration, but don’t determine the success or failure of your efforts before the beautiful month has even begun.

Before I wrap us, I know for many of us, Ramadan is where we take a break from typical homeschooling can mark the end of the school year.  That in itself can lead to a whole heap of panic when we began to stare ay unfinished textbooks.  If you’re interested, have a read of my last years Pre Ramadan reflection; everything will be fine insha’Allaah

May Allah make us amongst those witness Ramadan!

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