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Asalamu alaykum ladies,

This week for me like many of you has been about getting back into our usual school routine and utilising the refreshed feeling Ramadan brought us, Alhamdulillah.  We’ve transitioned slowly this week, doing a couple of subjects in the morning, however not fully as I’ve been using this week to plan school – and boy there seems like a lot to do.

One of the things that I really reflected on during Ramadan was making my home as efficient as possible; in particular our homeschool.
I’ve really benefitted from following a more minimal lifestyle in the last couple of years as it allowed me to progress in other areas of my life Allahuma barik.  Out went the excess furniture and clothes but I’ll leave that for another post I think!

So, this year I wanted to create a simple progress folder for each of my children, as a means to help me manage to teach multiple grades.  These are things that I have been doing in the past in notebooks and random files but lists were scattered everywhere!

I want to be able to pick up these folders at the end of each week and get a summary of how my child did, what they personally may need to do the following week, and just an overall way to monitor their progress.  I also would like to sit with my children once a fortnight for a quick ‘check in’ and I think these folders would be useful for that, especially for fathers perhaps who may not do the majority of the teaching.  

In each folder there is;
A daily checklist – this is very handy when it comes to teaching multiple grades as even though you may group subjects, there will still be some individual things you may need to add.
Completed Ultimate Ramadan Planners – this is a reminder for the kids to continue those lofty ambitions they had set themselves in Ramadan.
Qur’an Hifdh and memorisation log.  
Reading record for personal reading.
Several motivational colouring pages
Printable front cover for the child to colour and personalise. 

(All of the above can be found in the Printables section and downloaded for free).
Blank yearly calendar I printed from imomThis is for children to plan their own day.  My daughters especially like to plan personal projects, and its also a means for them to take ownership.  

I will also be creating a ‘Mom’ section for assessments/tests and have a copy of the National Curriculum for their particular age group – not to comprehensively follow but just as a reference point to look at every now and again.

Im sure I’ll be adding more to this folder, I will keep you posted!


My youngest (5 1/2) has also requested his own folder.  Although we don’t do much formal learning, I will be making a folder for him as he wants to copy his siblings.  I will share this in a separate post at some point.

How is your post-Ramadan planning going??  Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram.

Happy Planning!!

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