Phases of the Moon Game and Lesson Plan

Asalamu alaykum ladies,

We recently have been studying the Moon in Science and reviewed the phases of the moon again.  We ended up having a really engaging lesson Allahuma barik so I thought I’d share what we did along with a fun game to help your kiddos memorise and understand the phases of the Moon.

I planned this lesson last night, so whilst the kiddos were finishing up their notebooking I made some clay moons so they would be ready to paint in time for the lesson.

I used air drying clay and simply rolled it out, cut it into circles and added some crater detail by pressing a lego piece that was lying around.  The next morning I painted them and also gave them a quick coating of glue and water; they came out really effective I think!


Onto today’s lesson, to tie it in with our daily BraveWriter copy work, the kids copied up a portion of the Seerah about the miraculous splitting of the Moon.


We used our Admiring Allahs Nature Journals and also read some ayyahs where the Moon is mentioned in the Qur’an.

The kids then finished up by chalk drawing the phases of the Moon in their journals with chalk whilst I got our game ready.



So for each phase, I read out a riddle to the kids, and they had to guess which phase of the moon the riddle was describing.  At first, we did the phases in order, but then I mixed up the phases and the kids had to identify the phase and place it along with the correct Moon in the right order.



Alhamdulillah, it was a great lesson, and I will be laminating the game and keeping it alongside the Moons as an engaging manipulative for the future.

To download the game for yourself, click HERE.
For phases of the Moon Notebooking pages we have done in previous lessons,  click HERE.

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