Bridging the gap between Home and School

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Asalamu alaykum Mamas, I hope you’re well.  When we begin homeschooling, or even some time into it, it’s normal to feel a little dubious about the whole idea.  Homeschooling is not the norm in many parts of the world, and when those around you question your choices, it’s all too easy for Mama to feel a little unconfident.

Especially when even she herself feels ‘school time’ is the elephant in the house.  But, there’s a reason that feeling usually arises and its probably because our home and school haven’t quite merged together.  Most of us ourselves went to a traditional school, so embracing the homeschool life can take a little getting used to.  


So how do we make that transition, for our homeschool to be interwoven in our day like everything else…not this thing that feels like two completely different pathways?

Here are a few tips that should help insha’Allah…
-View homeschooling as a lifestyle choice; something you do not something that needs to be done.
-Use a homeschool routine to help guide your day, not dictate it.  On the same token, keep some things regular to help you keep sane, like bedtime routines.
-Be spontaneous; it is one of the biggest perks of homeschooling!
-If something unexpected comes up, jiggle things around.  You don’t necessarily need to drop school entirely.  Remember, real life is not always predictable, so focus on having a positive attitude, rather than relying on perfect circumstances.
-Don’t reserve the ‘fun things’ for the weekend.  Have that pancake breakfast on a Tuesday if you wish!
-Take into account seasons of life when planning the homeschool year.  Vacations, newborns etc.  This allows you to embrace the ‘full-on’ months and not feel guilty for the more relaxed times.
-Mess doesn’t have to mean stress.  This was one of the hardest things I came to accept nut the reality is the mess will always crop up; I mean who always has the energy to clean after an evening of Sports clubs?  But you don’t need to spring clean the whole day either.  -Rather, do that morning deep clean, and then get school work in.  Get used to the idea that your home may not look like a showroom, and when it does it may not always last for long.
-Connect with other Homeschool Moms; find your tribe as they say!  You will soon come to realise your day looks a lot like theirs in many ways.

And finally, embrace this blessing Allah Azzawajal has blessed you with.  For when you come to appreciate and love the full days you have with your children, praying together, reading, learning and overall growing and creating memories together, the gap between Home and School will close. 

For its no longer a burden, its a blessing.





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