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Asalamu alaykum ladies,

This week we had family over so our homeschool routine was a little off balance.  However, we did manage to finally finish our BraveWriter Continent Project; one of the writing projects in the Partnership Writing Level.  

We’ve been working on these for some time, and my kids really enjoyed coming up with their own continent.  This particular project was a great way to study Geography too as along the way we study the difference between a continent and an Island, landforms, borders, how country flags have a story behind them just to name a few.  

Here are how our continents turned out.




One element of the project involved revisiting geographical terms which the kids could then incorporate into their projects.  I decided to spend a little more time on this before we can our projects and using a combination of copy work and dictation we made these wonderful concept cards.  Some of the definitions the children copied, and others I dictated the definition for the kids to write.  We then painted them with watercolours and laminated them.



We now use these periodically as a warm-up activity in both Geography and also in Science as we are currently studying Earth Science. My daughter who has dyslexia particularly benefitted from these, and I am sure we will be incorporating this idea in subjects like Science and History too.


And this is why I recommend the Brave Writer Language Arts program to fellow homeschool Moms because its core principles are not restricted to Language Arts only.  Of course, it’s important to select the projects which do not interfere with Islamic principles,  however, overall the projects are fun, engaging, and the kids thoroughly enjoy them; even my five-year-old joined in and drew his own continent! If you decide to make some Brave Writer inspired concept cards, tag me on Instagram.

Happy Brave Writing!




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