A day when your heart isn’t quite in it…

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies.  I posted a few pictures on my Instagram today of some of the things we did today in our homeschool… 

Had I posted the pictures alone, you wouldn’t really have gotten the full picture of how our day went today.  I often think about the saying ‘ a picture tells a thousand words’, but to me the saying is incomplete.  Yes, a picture tells a thousand words, but it also leaves a thousand words out.  Hence, a picture alone isn’t always an accurate representation.  And in the very pursuit of trying to capture the emotion, we risk having lost emotion too, because captions have cut off points.  And that’s where social media can be negative, especially when we look at pretty posts and feel like our own homeschools are inadequate. 

I’m not saying we had a difficult day per se.  But when I woke up today, I just feel that my heart wasn’t in the mood to do much today, especially teaching.  I felt a little down; not tired but just emotionally a little low.  There wasn’t anything we had to do that was out of the ordinary.  In fact,  before I went to bed I was looking forward to a full-on day of school, after a few days of being off schedule due to family visiting.  

But I woke up with the opposite feeling.  So as the kids ate breakfast I took some time out to spend with my Mushaf.  And as I opened the pages of the book of Allaah, I felt relief, comfort and above anything a sense of reassurance.  I still wasn’t a perky mom by any means, but I took that comfort and reminded myself that everything that the believer faces is a trial; both in ease and difficulty.

I decided to use today for Qur’an revision instead of our usual memorising and revision.  So instead we took more time to revise previous surahs, and with that being done, I’m glad I persisted because I knew that ensuring we spend time with the book of Allaah is sufficient, always brings comfort to the believer, and uplifts the mood of the individual and the atmosphere of the home.  

And as the day progressed, my heart began to feel ease.  We managed to revise our Qur’an, I cooked and cleaned, we went to the local park and caught toads and tadpoles, and came back to an afternoon of Maths and Geography.

And all throughout the day, I kept thinking to myself, that had that initial feeling I had felt this morning overtaken my emotion today, I wouldn’t have been feeling this sense of accomplishment I do now, Allahuma barik.  Because in today’s world, we are bombarded with this notion that happiness must be constant to be real.  That happiness means ease.  That happiness is everything.

But for the believer, happiness isn’t everything.  Rather, seeking the pleasure of Allaah is the ultimate goal.  And with that comes a level of discomfort and hardship, which we witness over and over again in the life of the Prophet, sallahu alayhi wasalam and the Prophets before him.

So when things are difficult, it doesn’t mean to say they should be given up on, or that discomfort equals displeasure.  Because homeschooling is such a blessing, and as all mothers can testify, children bring with them joy like no other.  However, trying to raise a righteous child takes patience, persistence, and perseverance.  So when we have a day where we feel challenged, let us remind us that although we might be thinking about how to get through the day, the effects of this daily effort will insha’Allah help us on a day when nothing else will.

And I’m by no means saying every day is like this!  Absolutely not.  But just that these days are part of the package too.

So chin up Mama, for sometimes days that start with hardship end with ease.  And other days begin with ease and end with hardship.  Either way, all praise is for Allah Azzawajal.


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