Arabic Vocabulary Booklet (Printable)

Asalamu alaykum ladies.  I hope you’re well.  As the kid’s Arabic classes are progressing, I wanted to make something that would help the kids and me store and practice our new vocabulary rather than having to search through it in their textbooks.

So I decided to make a little booklet that kids and I could access easily and have to hand. The kids can write the new word, with its plural underneath, it’s meaning, identify the part of speech and whether the word is masculine or feminine and then use the word in a phrase or sentence. 



IMG_20190715_200707.jpg           IMG_20190715_200740.jpg

I decided to make the booklet A5 rather than A4 for practicality.  I printed out the first-page single sided then printed pages two and three double-sided (several copies).  Finally, I used my guillotine to cut the pages into A5 and got the pages spiral bound.  This does make the alignment of the pages a little lopsided, but I still prefer making our booklets small, though if you wish you can print the pages as A4 and the kids can make their own A4 cover.  

Of course, my youngest is always eager to do what his siblings are!  So I made a Pictionary version for him, where younger kids can draw newly learnt words and can either write the words or Mom can write them in.



You can download both the booklets by clicking HERE or in the Free Printables section.  I will be doing an updated post on our Arabic plan which has been revised since Ramadan in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful day. 


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