Hajj inspired Eid Treasure Hunt

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,
my youngest really enjoyed the treasure hunt we set up on Eid last year, so I decided to make another one; inspired by Hajj and for Eid ul Adha!


There are ten clues (one for each letter in Eid Mubarak) and the treasure hunt can be customised to your home.

Download your treasure hunt for free HERE.
Please share with family and friends so we can make this Eid memorable for our children!

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3 thoughts on “Hajj inspired Eid Treasure Hunt

  1. Assalamulaikum sister mashaAllah looks wonderful but im not able to download it says my email address is not valid

    1. wa alaykumsalam sis, I apologise, I’ve only just seen your comment now or I would have emailed you the file instead. Please accept my apologies.

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