DIY Giant Eid Bunting Printable

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies, 
I hope you and your families are benefitting from and enjoying these blessed days of Dhul-Hijjah.  Eid is only a week away, and I wanted to make some decor; there’s just something special about making your own decorations!

I always feel that Eid ul Adha isn’t always made as exciting for the children as Eid ul Fitr but this shouldn’t be the case!  They are both celebratory days and our kids should feel the anticipation of both.

This year I decided to make some bunting that the kids can help make and display.  All my children love anything Arts and Craft related so I made our bunting black and white so they can colour and decorate it themselves.  Insha’Allah we will be colouring in our bunting throughout the week, ready for the night before Eid. I might even laminate them for future Eids!

I have made a coloured version too in case you run out of time to colour; they both will look equally as great insha’Allah!

IMG_20190804_232858.png                                                    IMG_20190804_233101.png

To assemble the bunting, simply cut out the triangles and punch a hole in the top two corners.  Then thread string or ribbon through both holes and continue till all the triangles are used. You can also glue onto some card before threading to make the bunting a little more durable.

Voila, your DIY Eid bunting is ready! This bunting is quite big, so if you run out of space you can always just pin-up ‘its Eid Today’ and skip the ‘Hurray!’.

You can download the bunting below.

Black and White Bunting

Colour Bunting

Let’s make this Eid exciting for our kids in sha Allah!

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