My Little Big Biometrics Book

Asalamu alaykum ladies, I have a wonderful resource to share with you today! Those of you who follow me on Instagram will be aware that I updated our ‘Admiring Allahs Nature Journal’ as part of our new school year.  However, I wanted something else, that we could use more on a daily basis, regardless of whether we had our Nature backpack with us or not.

And since all of my kids from the youngest to the eldest love getting hands-on, be it picking up ants to toads, the idea of their own ‘little big biometrics data book’ was born!


The idea is that kids get to delve a little deeper and study what they find be it even for a few minutes; ideal for younger kids.  Kids can write down what they found, measure it if they can, describe it and also look for any unusual markings that may help them recognise it again.  Then they can quickly sketch their catch (faceless), and the fun part give it an ID number and sign and stamp before they let it go! 


Voila, they’ve just collected some super important biometric data! 

Older and younger kids can then go home and find out more about what they found so definitely a resource all the kids to have fun with, and a means to remind our children just how perfect Allah has created everything; from the big to the small.

What you will need to make your own journal:
My Little Big Biometric Data Book 

All you need to do is simply print out page one of the book once, and several copies of the second page (depending on how thick you want the booklet to be).

To assemble, simply crease the pages both vertically and horizontally and use a guillotine to cut – you should be left with four sections.  There will be a white edge on the left-hand side however you can simply go ahead and bind just as is, or to neaten a little more use the outline of the cover page to cut this off and of course do this for the rest of the pages do so the booklet is correctly aligned.

Once the pages are ready, bind at the top and your booklet is ready to use! Alternatively, you can just the pages and slot directly into your nature journal folder.

We attached our booklets to lanyards for added practicality, but for younger kids, Mama can carry it instead.

I hope you and your kids have fun with these!

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