Free Geography Curriculum!

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies.
I wanted to share this fabulous Geography resource with you that my kids and I have really grown to love!

Seterra is basically an online Geography game that helps master World Geography in pretty much seven months. Yes, seven months!

The idea is that each month you study one specific continent, spending a couple of weeks, playing the online game which will get easier as kids (and adults!) will get better at the more the play.  Once you feel confident you can move onto additional games, move onto to filling in blank maps and also have the option to compete against other players.  It is amazing just how much kiddos begin to locate and identify countries and grasp a much better understanding of the globe.



There is so much more on the website too.  You can also test yourself on maps, major cities, states, and also landforms.  There are also ‘cartoon’ versions of the game that would appeal to younger kids.



Its a brilliant resource for homeschoolers and completely free; there is paid option too which allows you to unlock additional features such as customised locations.  There is also an app too, which is great for when your out and about and need to occupy the kids. And it’s available in more than 30 languages!

For more information, you can visit the Seterra website HERE.

Happy mapping!

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