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Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu ladies,
I’m really excited to share this printable with you today because I’ve been wanting to create this for so long!  We will be starting several new curricula within the next couple of weeks since last years curricula over spilt but honestly speaking I’m most excited to be doing this with my kiddos this year insha’Allah.

I felt the need to make this Qur’an Action plan because often when our kiddos (and us) begin and commit to memorising the Book of Allah, the emphasis sometimes gets narrowed down to memorising without much thought of what is being memorised.

Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (radiallahu ta’ala ‘anhuma) said:
“We used to learn ten ayat, not increasing upon them until we had implemented them.” 

But we know from the example of the companions and the salaf that they would place emphasis on implementing what they had learnt.  And that is where the idea of the Qur’an Action Plan stemmed from.  Ultimately, we make du’a that our children live by the words of Allah, and for this to become a reality we must ensure their understanding of the Qur’an increases alongside their hifdh journey insha’Allah.

Below is a breakdown of the planner and suggested way to use it with your family.  Of course, this will vary according the age and the amount of hifdh the child is taking.  Remember the point is not to overwhelm our children, but rather get them used to reflect and ponder upon the Qur’an. 

Quran Action Plan Cover

Daily reflection small Daily reflection big

There are two daily reflection pages where kids can write what they memorised, either in Arabic or the translated meaning.  The smaller boxes printable is for kiddos on short surahs and the printable on the right for kiddos who are memorising a larger amount.  Again, this needn’t be overwhelming.  Some days kids can write their memorisation out, other days discuss the Tafseer and write a point or tow of benefit.  Keep this lighthearted and enjoyable!  I have purposely left these black and white to save ink longterm! 

Weekly Quran reflection

The weekly reflection is next.  This can be done on days you only have revision perhaps, and take some time to discuss what has been memorised during the week.  Then the fun part of listing some ways we can apply and implement the words of Allah in day to day life! For younger kids, they can choose to draw if they wish.

Tafseer of Surah

More pages for tafseer should you wish to study the ayah/surah in more depth.  

Monthly Qur'an reflection

Also a monthly reflection page.  This would be a good chance for kids to fill in themselves, and then perhaps discuss one to one later. 

Ayat Sujood

A page to identify the ayat ul sujood.  There aren’t that many and kids always enjoy finding these powerful verses.


A variety of Jannah scrapbooking pages!  Kids can write down ayat describing Jannah, dua’s that Allah enters them into Jannah or even things they want in Jannah!  This should be an uplifting reminder and the reward for their efforts insha’Allah.

js (1)

What better way to learn about the implementation of the Qur’an than studying the example of the Prophet sallahu alayhi wasalam.  Some ‘Seerah snippet’ notebooking pages you can fill in when studying the Seerah or Islamic studies.  

Prophet Minibooks

The Qur’an is full of examples of previous Prophets, and we should ensure our kiddos learn about their role models and their example.  So as you memorise ayaats/surahs about their lives, make minibooks about each one as you go along.  Simply cut around each rectangle, layer and staple (Green at the back, blue in the middle and pink on top).

js (2)

Allahs mentions the characteristics of the muhsineen again and again.  Make this mini accordion books and stick them in your planner!

Hifdh Diary

Memorising the Qur’an is a journey.  The most wonderful commitment subhanAllah.  Capture feelings, thoughts, good (and difficult!) days with these diary pages.

And finally.  Lots of encouraging quotes!

Quote 6  Quote 9

Quote 3  Abdullah ibn Masud Quote

To make your own Quran Action Plan you will need:
Binder (You can spiral bind the pages but I would encourage using a folder so you can add more things as you go along).
Quran Action Plan Printables (Download for free HERE).

Simply print, holepunch and add the printables to your three-ring binder.  I would recommend several copies of the daily, weekly and monthly reflections, hifdh diary, seerah notebooking pages and Prophet mini-books.  Keep the folder to hand in Islamic studies – it will come in use insha’Allah.

Hope you and your families benefit from the Planner.  May Allah make our children from those who memorise and implement His words, ameen.

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