Complete Qur’an Memorisation Tracker Printables!

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu sisters, how are you?
I’m back with another set of printables; a complete Qur’an tracker to encourage our children on their hifdh journies.

There are several  Juz amma planners online which are beautiful, but I wanted to keep that enthusiasm going.  Just seeing physical progress, especially for visual learners, is such a boost for the kiddos and I think it’s important we keep that going. Kids can colour in the shape when they have finished their surah or add a sticker.

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I have also added small stars which you can use to highlight small points of additional benefit.  For example, ayaahs from Surah Alaq were the first revelation and reading Surah Naas, Falaq and Ikhlaas is part of the sunnah before sleeping. 

I will be releasing the whole set of trackers over time insha’Allah so please bear with me.  I will email you when the complete set is ready so do subscribe to the blog to be notified.  THE CHARTS WILL FIT PERFECTLY IN THIS HIFDH BINDER; PERFECT FOR ORGANISING AND MOTIVATING YOUR CHILDS IN THEIR HIFDH INSHA’ALLAH!

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-I HAVE REVISED THE JUZ 25 TRACKER AS I REALISED THAT JUZ 25 ALSO CONTAINS A SMALL PART OF SURAH FUSSILAT.  And also JUZ 26 and 27 which has an overlap of Surah adh-dhariyat.  If you have purchased any of these, email me for the revised charts.


Download the Juz 22/21 trackers HERE!
For more creative ideas to encourage and motivate younger children, you can see our Juz Amma board we made some years ago HERE.

Or buy the Juz trackers in this super discounted bundle below; just £5.99 for charts for Juz 21-30!

I would love to know how you encourage your children on their hifdh journies too.  Comment below and share your tips.

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5 thoughts on “Complete Qur’an Memorisation Tracker Printables!

  1. JazakAllah for sharing! Both of my kids are on the path of becoming a hafiz, and a hafizah in sha Allah. I use small gifts as an incentive for finishing a surah. At the end of memorizing a whole juz we buy them a big present of their choice. Plus, everyday I have made it a habit to remind them of how rewarding it is to memorize the Quran and how Allah sends angels to surround the person who has Quran in him/her. May Allah swt accept our efforts, ameen.

    1. Wa iyaki sis. Allahuma barik, what a beautiful commitment. May Allah make your children amongst those who memorise, and implement His book, ameen. Your incentives to encourage your children sound wonderful sis!

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